Wij zijn/waren (in opdracht van SCEM – de logistieke projectmanagers van de onderstaande congressen. Indien u een referentie wenst, dan kan dit uiteraard.

We are/were the (commissioned by SCEM – project managers of the following conferences/events. Should you wish to receive a reference, please let us know.

  • Jaarcongres/annual congress voor Kinderartsen / Dutch Association for Pediatricians
  • Jaarcongres/annual congress voor Specialisten Ouderengeneeskunde / Dutch Association for Elderly Care Specialists
  • Symposium Warrior Care in the 21st Century (5-7 May 2020)/ commissioned by the Ministry of Defense and Veterans Institute (cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • Inspiratiefestival 2018 – Stichting Jeugdformaat
  • Exercise and Knowledge (PEAK) Programme The Netherlands fighting against Diabetes 1
  • Jubilee congress voor Gerodontologie 2016/ Dutch Association for Geriatric Dentists
  • Webinars sponsored by Novo Nordisk and Abbott

Since 2001

  • More than 250 conferences on numerous topics (mainly medical and dental related) with an average of 10-15 sponsors
  • More than 100 specialized masterclasses on numerous (medical) topics throughout the Netherlands